SEO is simply an anagram for "Search Engine Optimization". In French, it is translated by the expression "référencement naturel". But if you boil it down to three letters, it can make all the difference in your online marketing strategy! Let's take a look at this real content strategy. How it works and why it is important for you to integrate it into your communications!

SEO: What is it and how does it work?

To be concrete, using SEO means adapting your web content. This is done in order to appear more often in the search results of Internet users. In 3 words, it serves to : INCREASE YOUR VISIBILITY! As far as the West is concerned, the giant Google concentrates between 75 and more than 90% of the searches made. Consequently, it is Google that dictates the SEO laws. Google analyses sites according to :

  • Content: keywords, sentence length, number of words per sentence, percentage of transition words used, etc.
  • Design: metadata (all the data used to characterise and structure digital content), hierarchisation, Hn tags, etc.

Why adopt the SEO reflex?

By working on your natural referencing, you make it easier for search engines to understand and index your content. The better your website performs for search engines, the more likely they are to recommend it or suggest it as a search result to users. This is achieved by identifying the most relevant keywords related to your product or service offering. For example, DIGITAL CHR is ranked No. 1 on Google when you type in "Creation of websites and videos for restaurants in Nantes". But also No. 1 for "restaurant digital training" in the whole of France. So if 34% of Internet users who have made a search in a local business visit it during the day, you can quickly understand the relevance of such a tool for developing traffic in your business!

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